Saturday, April 12, 2008

CompUSA and its micro void

Last month I saw a “going out of business” sign outside the local CompUSA. That’s the first time I noticed that they were really going out of business. It was kind of sad because I have been their customer since the 90s (in San Diego.)

A few days later I made a shopping list and went over to help them unload some motherboards. But after 5 minutes of browsing inside the store I realized why they were going out of business: They carried the wrong stuff at wrong prices. For them, going out of business was the obvious outcome.

The whole atmosphere inside the store was depressing and I got out of there in 10 minutes. Since they were the only big game in town, I figured I should go to Office Depot and Best Buy and see if they have taken advantage of this imminent void. Sadly, their shelf spaces were same as before.

An idea for remaining computer retailers: When another computer retailer goes out of business in your area, please take immediate advantage of it. Talk to the departing store owners, let them put up your banner as the new alternative. Double your inventory. Do some radio advertising. Don’t let this opportunity pass you buy.