Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Ultimate Snowblowing Machine

The Ultimate Snowblowing Machine, parked next to a steel chasis welded together by a bunch of transportation enthusiasts out of Munich.

Today was Day 2 of testing. The range is good. The speed is a bit slow. Need to add vibration mounts to the engine. The drive chains are the wrong type. I'll have to change them out for something more robust. But all in all, things are looking good.

I am leaving town for a few weeks. Further testing will resume in first week of April.

Friday, March 2, 2012

ipad controlled Snowblower - Maiden Flight successful

 Its alive.

This is the picture of an iPad controlled snowblower. The drive system is running on four 24 DC motors and the snow throwing attachment runs on a 13hp engine. I designed it and built it myself; with help from vteams engineers.

I started working on this project on December 23. And today, after two months and 9 days, I test drove the machine. It worked.

There hasn't been much of snowfall in Connecticut this winter. I was not able to test the snow throwing capability of the machine. But with a 13 horsepower engine, this machine should send snow particles to Iceland.

This machine has a front camera and a rear camera. So I can snowblow my driveway from my kitchen while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

Videos and technical information will be uploaded shortly to I think I am going to produce this model and sell it for $2,499.