Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chronicles of Hernia

I guess I overdid my inversion training. I now proudly host a ventrical hernia. If you don't know what that is, think of it as a hole in the muscle around the solar plexus. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't do much, but its a hole and it needs to be patched up. Under severe conditions, "stuff" from inside the wall can squeeze out through this hole and .......I am not sure what will happen if this happens.

This is my second hernia in the same place.

First time I got it in 2007 ago probably in the Gym. I must have done one too many pull ups. This time, I was doing crunches while hanging upside down on the inversion table.

The thing with ventrical hernia is that it doesn't hurt when you get it. And many times, it can be there for years before you find out. In my case, I started feeling a soft bulge in my stomach but didn't pay attention to it for more than six months.

I love inversion but now I don't know if I can go inverted again. The surgery is scheduled for October 30. I was depressed for about a week. Had too many plans for October.

If you are thinking of buying an inversion table, don't let this scare you. Inversion is the next best thing after humans learned to walk upright. Just be careful if you are over 30 though.

I have a Teeter Hangup 5000. Its a rock solid product. Good design.

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