Thursday, September 25, 2008

The media has it all figured out

I just read Campbell Brown's: White House caught napping on financial crisis. Her piece is sprinkled with sunshine quotes (from earlier this year) from President Bush and Secretary Paulson.

My question to CNN is: What would you have preferred instead? Predictions of doom and gloom? Moreover, what were you (in the media) doing while the White House was napping?

You too were disinfecting the public with Sunshine. Weren't you?

But right now is not the time for the media to see what role they have played in this mess. Right now is the time to find the scapegoat, shampoo in the charges and rinse.

In her article, Ms Brown writes, "We need serious scrutiny and debate, and that should happen whether we are talking about a giant piece of legislation that is going to affect us all, or whether we are talking about presidential and vice presidential candidates."

Yeah right. I am glad you figured this part out.

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