Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another update on AT&T network

I have been a big fan of AT&T's 3G data service. But the quality and reliability of their voice service leaves much to be desired. I recently switched my voice number from T-Mobile to ATT and boy have I got issues.

T-Mobile service is spotty on the East Coast. Recently when I moved my office to Tolland, I didn't realize that my cell phone stopped working in my office. I could get out of the building and go 100 meters East or West and it would start working. So after much consideration, I decided to switch to AT&T.

I was already an AT&T customer because I had an iPhone account. So I switched my number and AT&T service finally started working in my office in Tolland. But it doesn't work that well in the rest of the country.

Last week I was on the West Coast. Drove from San Diego to Phoenix to Flagstaff to Salt Lake City to Vegas to San Diego in one week and met with key vteams customers.

AT&T's quality disappointed me through and through. Even in metro San Diego, I was dropping connections on the freeways.

I guess I'll just have to live with, owing to the "arranged" marriage between AT&T and Apple.

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