Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The case for keeping some site content on a blog

Here is an idea for owners small business sites (myself included.) I am convinced that some site content should only be kept on a hosted blog like blogger, with cross links to and from the business site. Here is why:

Site URLs are subject to change:
If you are running a small business site, you will have to upgrade it sooner or later. It could be a redo of the navigation or a complete system change: As in moving from static pages to a CMS like Joomla. 

You can lose your ranking:
If you have a good ranking page, you are probably stuck with an old (and not so good looking site) only because the page is indexed well and you don't want to lose the ranking.

One of my own sites used to rank first page on a google search even though we did no optimization on it. But as soon as we moved the static htmls to Joomla, we lost the ranking. There was no practical way to rename or remap old file names to new URL names. And by the time we found out what had happened, it was too late.

But blog URLs are permanent:
Once you create a blog entry and a permalink is created, it remains the same unless you force it to change. Your customers can subscribe to the permalinks and always get updated content. 

And you get some cool features for free:
Hosted blogging systems keep changing and improving every month. You get free features like picture albums, themes and widgets. And the list of free stuff keeps getting bigger and bigger every month. Moreover, if people comment on your posts, you get extra content for free.

One possible way of doing it?
Partition your site content and keep the permanent stuff on the blog. The business site could have the "header" material with links to the blog. And the blog could reference back to the site links. For example, FAQs, How-to guides, special reports and article type material could go straight to the blog. Time sensitive and dynamic material like inventory counts, specials etc could go to your site.

Here is what you get:
Lets say you migrate major site content to your company blog. In this case you will not call it a blog but something similar. Now you are free to keep upgrading and changing your site as often as you wish. If you are replacing an old business site with a new one, you will avoid losing the rankings on the content which is hosted on the blog.

In conclusion:
Whoever invented the Web Logs, was probably not thinking of this application. But until someone else comes up with a way of managing companywide URLs, this could work.

What do you think?

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Sean said...

We did move our site across to Joomla from static html. And we didn't lose our rankings at all. You just need to tell Google where to look for the old pages, and put in a 303 (if I'm not mistaken).

But if you look at www.psychotactics.com, you'll see our ranking is now 6 (and it was 5 before). So if anything, the ranking has actually improved.

P.S. Good work on the article :)