Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 5: Back to Connecticut. 1546 miles. End of trip

Rode out of Missisauga at 2:16 pm(Yesterday August 18.) One hour delay on QEW and one hour delay at the US Border. Kept riding and riding. One of the attendants at the toll booth told me he has an 1150 at home. Another guy driving a 1 series BMW shouted at me that he's got an 1150 parked at home and would much rather be riding that instead of driving.

Got lucky with weather. Either I was leading thunderstorms or trailing them. Only got wet for 15 minutes near Lee Massachusetts. Arrived at home at 3:00 am Tuesday morning. Total miles logged 1505 (or something like that.)

Woke up this morning with a thousand aches and pains. Getting old.

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