Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 3 Toronto: 1024 Miles

Woke up in The Hampton Inn at Sandusky Ohio. Skipped free breakfast and headed out for a meeting with Mike at the local Starbucks. We discussed and planned software development, virtualization and other items on the agenda. Came back to the hotel and checked out at 1:00 pm.

Hampton Inn is a pretty decent hotel. Clean rooms, good service.

Started the ride towards Toronto at 1:16 pm. The weather forecast was good but I wasn't sure if I would make it today. First stop near Erie PA for gas. Then another rider overtook me and I just trailed him all the way to the Angola rest area near Buffalo. He was making good time. Nice guy who knows how to drive fast.

By 6:30 I was in Niagara Falls (Canadian side.) Met up with the family and we all went for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. The food was terrible. 20 years ago, their food used to be excellent.

The AT&T service works for a few miles into Canadian Niagara Falls. So I kept checking weather forecast for Toronto and Eastwards towars CT. Its supposed to rain tomorrow so we all decided to drive back to Toronto. I figured if I were going to be stuck due to weather, might as well be stuck in Toronto where I can get some work done with Afzal.

Drove down to Missisauga and parked the motorcycle at 1:20 am Sunday morning. Trip meter says its been 1024 miles since Thursday.

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