Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 4: Missisauga 1050 miles

Woke up and headed straight to the hot water machine in the free breakfast area. My travel kit includes a full box of green tea bags. 

Headed out to Square 1 (a big shopping mall) which is 10 km from the hotel. Went straight to the bookstore (Chapters) and spent a few hours there. I love the Chapters. Their book selections are a bit different from what you would see in Barnes & Noble or Borders. 

While browsing for interesting books, I heard a mesmerizing voice singing in French. I had to have this music. It turned out that this song was from an Album by Carla Bruni -- the French first lady. Now I know why Sarkozy looks so fresh on TV. She probably sings him to sleep every night. I figured if I bought the CD and listened to thinking didn't go farther than that because the album was sold out completely.

In the meantime Hamad showed up. He and I had business to discuss. So we sat outside the attached Starbucks and talked shop in the sun. Then Afzal showed up and we continued our meeting.

Dinner at Bombay Chopsticks. Desserts on Gerrard street sidewalk -- Old fashioned kulfi.

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